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4K projector sales boom ahead of FIFA World Cup

4K and 1080p solutions have seen significant price drops in Europe and the US

The impact of the promotional sell-in activity surrounding the World Cup is being felt in the projector market, with widespread price drops of 4K and 1080p solutions on both sides of the Atlantic.

According to the latest Worldwide Projector Market Report from Futuresource Consulting, the average selling price of a native 4K dedicated home projector dropped by 70 per cent in Europe, and 71 per cent in North America year-on-year in Q1 2018, with combined sales consequently rising a huge 808 per cent.

“Whilst this substantial price plunge is largely due to the launch of models using the newly released 0.47″ DLP 4K chip, it is also due to channel players offering highly competitive sell-in deals ahead of the anticipated rise in demand around the World Cup,” said Clare Kerrison, senior market analyst at Futuresource.

However, this trend does not only refer to home 4K solutions; it also pertains to the 1080p – which according to Futuresource, saw ASPs fall 17 per cent in the US, 6 per cent in Europe and combined sales rise 11 per cent year-on-year in Q1.

“A majority of the promotional activity in the projector market has been within e-tail channels. This has grown to become a core pillar of the industry’s sales in recent years,” added Kerrison.

“Fierce World Cup rivalry has already begun in the projector market. The Futuresource Daily Tracking Service has unveiled intense price competition between the core brands in recent months – and not just between home solutions. 4K and 1080p B2B projectors have also enjoyed significant promo activity – with combined sales of the native 4K rising 64 per cent in North America and Europe year-on-year in Q1 2018.”