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Will VAR prove water-tight solution for Water Polo? chosen as preferred technology provider

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) is implementing VAR in its international tournaments.

FINA has chosen as its preferred technology provider, with the solution adapted from Slomo’s videoReferee-SR system and developing specialised mini vR-Cam cameras for use in water sports.

According to the requirements of FINA Technical Water Polo Committee, the hardware component of the video-refereeing system should include a compact server capable of supporting eight channels of incoming video with 3G resolution (1920×1080 50p) and intuitive, easy to install cameras.

FINA’s Technical Water Polo Committee chose Slomo’s videoReferee-SR system with mini vR-Cam cameras. The compact 1U system meets the League’s technical requirements for supporting eight 3G channels, and in addition it enables simultaneous 4-channel search and playback at various speeds. To suppress the water light glares and improve image quality the cameras include polarisation filters.

“Preliminary tests allowed us to develop the basic principles of the video-refereeing workflow for water polo: well-established communication between the video referee and the referee on board, rapid preparation of video material for viewing and smooth operation of the system and cameras,” said Alexander Kalinin,’s technical specialist.

“On average, it takes between 3 and 10 seconds to prepare and analyse an incident with videoReferee systems, which completely satisfies the referees.”