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The Tour de France 2020, live from Maidstone Studios

Maidstone Studios has revealed that it has been selected to broadcast the 2020 Tour de France daily live studio output from 29th August to 20th September. From a pop-up studio, all the live output for ITV’s Tour de France will be broadcasting live from Maidstone Studio via Timeline TV’s Ealing facility. 

Maidstone Studios has demonstrated recent success stories with its work in streaming the Rugby World Cup and E-Nations World Cup, and was one of the first television studios to become operational again during the Covid Pandemic.

Geoff Miles, Maidstone Studios chairman, said, “Tour de France is iconic and a highlight in the sporting calendar.  At a time when so many events have had to be cancelled the fact Tour de France is now able to go ahead is exciting and we are thrilled to be able to help bring this prestigious event into people’s homes”.

The broadcast will use Maidstone Studios fibre links to and from Media City with UPS and generator backed power.