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albert publishes studio sustainability report

Key findings from the report indicate that the 12 studios that took part collectively contributed 25,820 tonnes from location-based and market-based emissions during 2021/22

BAFTA’s sustainability initiative albert has published a new report looking at how green 12 studio complexes in the UK and USA actually are.

The Studio Sustainability Standard Report provides analysis of the current collective impact and efforts reduce the carbon footprints of the studios.

The studios who took part in the analysis include 3 Mills Studios, BBC Studioworks, BT Studio powered by Timeline Television, Elstree Studios, Garden Studios, IMG Studios, Maidstone Studios, Sony Pictures Studios, TBY2 (A Bottle Yard Facility), Wardpark Studios, Warner Bros Studio Leavesden, and Wolf Studios Wales.

Key findings from the report indicate that studios collectively contributed 25,820 tonnes from location-based and market-based emissions during 2021/22.

Other highlights include:

  • Eight of the 12 studios have targets in place to improve their sustainability performance
  • Eight of the 12 studios are supplied by 100 per cent renewable energy
  • Eight of the 12 studios have house power and zero generator policy on site
  • 11 of the 12 studios collect waste data volumes to measure how much is recycled

All of the 12  studios that undertook the Studio Sustainability Standard in 2021/22 committed to measuring carbon emissions, reducing waste, and charting a course toward zero carbon, zero waste facilities, said albert.

Speaking about the report and its findings, Steve Smith, project lead at BAFTA albert said: “In a world grappling with the urgency of climate change, 12 studios have stepped up to the plate, embracing their responsibility and driving a transformative shift towards sustainable practices in a commitment to align with net-zero pathways.

“This report celebrates the studio trailblazers who are helping to redefine what it means to be an environmentally conscious industry,” added Smith. “Each year, the Studio Sustainability Standard report will become a compass guiding us towards a future where creativity and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

“The data-driven insights in this report shed light on the progress made by studios in reducing their carbon footprint. These numbers represent a collective effort to rewrite the narrative of an industry.”