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Telestream announces Vantage Ingest Manager

Video transcoding and workflow automation company Telestream has announced the introduction of Vantage Ingest Manager.

The new software-based system aims to streamline content handling for broadcasters and cable operators. It allows staff working in any department to ingest, review, approve, transcode and reconcile inventory versus required media to make sure content is ready for air when needed.

According to the company, it allows non-engineering staff to quickly identify and locate missing content and shows the up-to-date status of incoming file availability.

Key Ingest Manager features include a file upload portal, Vantage Analysis Pro, customisable catch server action, Vantage Metadata, five workflow portal licences and Dublist Monitor.

Paul Turner, vice president, enterprise product management at Telestream said, “Ingest Manager allows for non-complex workflows that manage incoming media and metadata files separately, at different times, and then match up the files to present users with information about found and missing content pairs.”