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Sony launches two compact 4K IP-connected cameras

"Ideal for hard-to-access sites with limited space for a full-sized camera and dedicated operator"

Sony has introduced two new compact cameras and expanded its remote camera line-up with the SRG-XP1 (POV) and SRG-XB25 (BOX).

Available from August 2020, the cameras deliver high-quality images at 4K 60p alongside full IP connectivity. Each camera has a wide-angle lens or optical zoom, described by Sony as “ideal for hard-to-access sites with limited space for a full-sized camera and dedicated operator.”

The SRG-XP1 POV camera can also capture over 100-degree wide horizontal viewing angles. Its compact lightweight design makes it well-suited to reality shows, esports and remote production, according to the company.

Remote shooting and real-time content can be produced and streamed when using the cameras with AI-based Edge Analytics Appliance REA-C1000. With Chroma key-less CG Overlay the SRG-XP1 can easily create content in confined spaces. This function can remove the presenter and overlay them onto any background, without the need for a dedicated backscreen or specialist training.

The SRG-XB25 can use the REA-C1000 zoom alongside the Handwriting Extraction feature so remote viewers of a presentation can see see written content and diagrams alongside the presenter simultaneously.

Bruce Tanaka, general manager of Imaging and Analytics Business Dept., Sony Imaging Products and Solutions Inc, said: “At the moment, the world is witnessing and adapting to drastic changes in the way we work and learn. Such circumstances have created a pressing demand for efficient remote communication and content production that multiple users can access anytime, anywhere with peace of mind.

“That trend is also driving the need to create and distribute high-quality video content quickly and in an efficient manner. At Sony, we are driven to solve these challenges of our customers, with our network technologies and unique product line-up.”