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Robe lights up Belgium’s Masked Singer

Production is using nearly 200 Robe moving lights, a combination of 58 x Tetra2 and 56 x CycFX 8 moving LED Bars, 36 x MegaPointes and 36 x LEDBeam 150s.

The Belgian version of worldwide hit Masked Singer is employing over 200 Robe moving lights on its main stage.

Lighting for the show, broadcast on VTM, has been designed by Michiel Milbou and includes nearly 200 Robe moving lights, a combination of 58 x Tetra2 and 56 x CycFX 8 moving LED Bars, and 36 x LEDBeam 150s. The 400 or so lights in total involved – including video and light-panels – have been supplied to the production by rental company Splendit.

According to Milbou, he wanted the vertical lighting look to define the set and stage, which was why he chose to use the Tetra2s and the CycFX 8s.

The Tetra2s have been rigged upstage vertically orientated to produce lines and slices of light that can scan and sweep around, while the CycFX8s are being used to outline the stage and the edges of the catwalk.

The show is all about “Big entrances and building the appropriate atmosphere for each costumed character, as well as relating to the song they are singing, so there are multiple facets influencing each set of lighting cues,” explained Milbou, adding that this is also why the team chose to have multiple video elements in the set, to assist with the big, bold dramatic changes.

Meanwhile, the MegaPointes have been rigged to different fly bars in the studio roof and used as the main eye-candy lights for accenting, highlighting, etc., and for back-lighting the singers.

Milbou said he was especially pleased that this is a fresh new show for Belgium. “There are always so many expectations with a new production, and while that adds to the pressure, it also makes it all the more exciting and edgy. We have all pushed ourselves even harder than we always do to deliver something very special.”