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Free white paper: post production tools equip workflows for 4K and HDR surge

Telestream's new white paper breaks down the challenges posed by 4K, HDR, WCG and UHD in colouration, luminance and pixel density

From 4K and UHD to WCG and HDR, the broadcast industry is witnessing a surge in improvements to picture quality and viewing experiences, all of which require enhanced attention to detail when it comes to post production. Telestream’s new white paper, New post production tools equip workflows for HDR & 4K surge, breaks down the challenges posed by these new dynamics in colouration, luminance and pixel density, which can only be met with the aid of quality control (QC) tools that have been specifically designed for the tasks at hand.

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The white paper considers the complexities brought on by the increase in high dynamic range (HDR) and HDR-related wide colour gamut (WCG) templates now in commercial operation, which need to be addressed at increasingly detailed levels of frame-to-frame and in-frame granularity. Meanwhile 4K ultra HD (UHD) formatting and converting between HDR and SDR creates a plethora of considerations regarding colour- and luminance-related details. For post production teams, it is essential to process content in all these formats while maintaining a look consistently aligned with artistic intent.

Lowering risk at higher resolution

An array of new requirements and standards put in place by distributors and broadcasters are creating more stringent demand for post production operations. Tools that are not designed to support management of contrast and colouration in conformance with these new parameters are no longer fit for purpose and risk rejection by distributors. In addition, teams are at the mercy of costly delays when editors and colourists lack automation support for time-consuming manual processes.

As 4K TV sets reach mass-market penetration, the evolution to 4K- and HDR-formatted content is no longer a matter of time; OTT subscribers now expect these viewing experiences from content producers. This effect has the potential to overwhelm underequipped post production workflows, meaning adjustments in toolsets to address these developments are essential; Vector displays and other basic QC tools used in SD and HD workflows are ill-equipped to undertake the more detailed evaluations necessary when dealing in 4K, HDR and WCG.

Telestream’s white paper examines these changes in technology and the implications for post production processes, as well as providing information on how Telestream enables professionals to address these challenges without being left in the dark.

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