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New HDMI + OLED monitors launched

Small monitors suitable for use with HDMI (and other) cameras, such as DSLRs, have been launched by Bon Electronics and Sony, which also introduced a pair of new reference-quality OLED monitors at BVE last week.

 BONd7 – For Your Eyes Only

The new BONd7 from Bon Electronics is a 7-inch 1024×600 monitor with HD-SDI, HDMI, and 3G SDI level A/B inputs and the useful ability to record straight to an SD card from the screen – so that users can hand the card to an editor for location editing, or for instant playback on another screen without accessing the original recorded files.

Being able to review recordings on the monitor is also useful for HD DSLR users, as playback from the camera’s internal card isn’t generally quick or easy.

The BONd7 offers H.264 recording with frame play, thumbnail file list, false colour, focus peaking display, video (Y/C) range check, waveform, vector and markers display. It takes DC 7v ~ 36v power or uses or AC Adaptor (100 – 230v, 50Hz/60Hz), and should weigh about 750g.

There will also be a monitor version (the BON7S) without the recorder and camera-specific features (such as peaking), but with a de-embedded 8-16 channel audio level meter, EBU/User marker, time code display, and tally. A further version, the BPM-071S, will join Bon’s BPM series of field monitors.

There is also the BONd17, a 17-inch director’s monitor, which can take the SD card from the d7 and play back the video.

It has HDMI, HD-SDI, 3G and composite inputs, plus HDMI to SDI, SDI loop and composite loop output. It can record in H.264, has peaking for focus, false colour display for exposure, video (Y/C) range check, waveform, vector and markers display, and a remote control.

There will also be a 5-inch monitor, the BON5D II, with a 800×480-pixel display, and HDMI input. Other features include: peaking, false colour, scan/zoom, image flip and freeze frame.

Sony CLM-V55 DSLR monitor

The CLM-V55 from Sony is a 5-inch LCD monitor for DSLRs, designed for its own Alpha and NEX cameras, but suitable for any camera with an HDMI output.

It has a tilt and swivel attachment for ease of viewing, and video features, such as colour peaking and 100% pixel magnification for fine focusing.

The 800×480-pixel display features on-screen markers for framing, and comes with a detachable sun shade for outdoor viewing. There is a built-in mono speaker plus a headphone jack. It is powered by a standard Sony Alpha battery or an optional AC adaptor. The CLM-V55 should be available in March for around $399.

Sony reference-grade OLED monitors

Sony has also introduced two new OLED displays, which were launched last week at BVE 2011. The reference-grade BVM-E Series – in 17- and 25-inch sizes – are claimed to “incorporate groundbreaking processing and imaging capabilities designed to give digital production professionals a true replacement for CRT in critical evaluation applications.”

“These new monitors are the next step up in professional displays providing end users with the highest picture quality ever seen, well above any other existing display device,” said Daniel Dubreuil, Senior Product Specialist, Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “This is breakthrough technology for applications where visual performance and accuracy are paramount, offering an unbeatable combination of image reproduction, colour accuracy, reliability and stability.”

The new monitors boast several new features designed for professional master monitoring. Claimed to be the first monitors to deliver full HD resolution OLED panels with 10-bit drivers, they use a newly developed Sony Professional Display Engine, and produce deep blacks with high dynamic range, blur-free motion, wide colour gamut and accurate picture reproduction.

These models feature a higher accuracy Nonlinear Cubic Conversion colour management system, and an I/P conversion system offering extremely low process delay. The monitors also have a new chassis design, with a lighter, slimmer chassis, for a smaller footprint.

Standard inputs include 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort. Four slots are available with a choice of six BKM input boards. Other features include: HD frame capture, pixel zoom and P&P (Side by Side, Butterfly, Wipe, Blending). The 25-inch BVM-E250 and 17-inch BVM-E170 (pictured) will be available in May and July 2011 respectively.