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New camera uses AI to track subjects

No need for a camera operator

Remo Technology is launching a camera that doesn’t need a camera operator.

The Obsbot Tail uses artificial intelligence to track the subject it is filming.

The 6.7-inch tall, 20.4-ounce Obsbot uses a 12-megapixel camera that can shoot in 4K and supports HDR10.

It includes a 3.5 optical zoom lens, along with a battery with enough power for 150 minutes of video recording, as well as a 3-axis motorised gimbal that uses AI to iron out jitters.

“The Obsbot Tail is a groundbreaking camera that makes sophisticated filming techniques and filming complex movements readily accessible to anyone, with just a tap of a button,” said Bo Liu, CEO and founder of Remo Technology. 

“We’ve worked with dozens of dance groups, street sports teams, and vloggers to design a camera that can truly capture movement.”