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MotoGP Grand Prix selects Audio-Technica mics

Includes 53 track feed and 76 interview and ENG camera microphones

Dorna Sport has selected Audio-Technica as official Microphone Services Solution Provider for the MotoGP Grand Prix.

Dorna chose 265 Audio-Technica microphones, headsets and monitoring solutions, including 53 track feed microphones, 76 interview and ENG camera microphones, and Audio-Technica System 10 2.4GHz wireless microphone solutions for 16 roving ENG cameras.

Audio-Technica’s new 3000 Series handheld wireless systems and new Engineered Sound 925 goosenecks with Dante endpoints were selected for the pre- and post-race press conferences, along with 30 BPHS1 headsets and a selection of 72 M60x monitor headphones and E50 in-ear monitors.

“We are delighted that we have been selected as MotoGP’s Microphone Services Solution Provider and that Dorna have deployed such a large number of our broadcast microphones,” said Audio-Technica head of global engineering Kazuhiro Onizuka. “Working with Dorna at the actual live MotoGP races around the world is a great extension to our research laboratory, and further demonstrates Audio-Technica’s commitment to sports audio broadcasting.”