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Mo-Sys takes StarTracker to the Max (and Mini)

StarTracker Max has been built for broadcast and cinematic use, while the Mini is aimed at YouTubers, streamers and creative industries who are trying virtual production for the first time

Mo-Sys is launching two new versions of its StarTracker technology, one dubbed StarTracker Max and the other StarTracker Mini.

According to the company, the introduction of StarTracker Mini increases its market reach to a new generation of virtual production creators, while StarTracker Max enables Mo-Sys to bring forward its improved camera tracking technology for professional broadcast and cinematic use.

StarTracker Max promises next generation, high-resolution inside-out camera tracking and marks the beginning of “an exciting new platform which builds upon the current trusted StarTracker technology”, said Mo-Sys. It will utilise an all-new, compact form factor 3x smaller and significantly lighter than the original.

Mo-Sys added that together with a detachable processor for convenient handling, gen lock sync and 120-degree wide-angle tracking, StarTracker Max will deliver twice the tracking accuracy of the current version.

StarTracker Mini incorporates a robust wide-angle IR camera which the company describes as immune to studio lighting, and can work in office-type virtual production spaces utilising green screen, lower cost LED walls, or projectors. The processing unit is integrated within the design for maximum freedom of unintrusive mounting to cameras, pedestals, jibs and gimbals, said Mo-Sys.

It has been designed specifically for studio spaces with ceiling heights up to 3.5 metres, and floor space up to 100 m2.