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Mo-Sys updates G30 gyro-stabilised camera mount

Mo-Sys said it has listened to G30 users and made the mount easier to rig and operate, and even more precise and repeatable in its moves and positioning

Mo-Sys has updated its G30 heavy-duty gyro-stabilised remote head following feedback from users.

The G30 is designed to provide silent operation and capture smooth cinematic shots, and offers precision movement with image stabilisation together with simple tech-less operation, said the company.

“The G30 already has a reputation for meeting the real creative needs of cinematographers,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “In developing the next generation of this gyro-stabilized head, we have listened to our users and made something that is even easier to rig, even more intuitive to operate, and even more precise and repeatable in its moves and positioning. We know that cinematographers are always under pressure to get the shot quickly, which is why we give them tools which they understand instinctively.”

According to the company, the new G30 is a radical rethink of the traditional heavy-duty stabilised remote head. The rigid 45˚ frame geometry supports camera payloads of up to 30kg/66lbs and has been engineered to eliminate the risk of gimbal lock.

The G30 balancing process has been further improved with the introduction of innovative indexing plungers, said Mo-Sys, which enable the operator to lock off each axis independently during set-up while also aiding safe transportation.

Based on input from operators, Mo-Sys said that multiple 3/8” accessory mounting points have been added, as well as engraved measurement markings to all sliding components for rapid deployment and fine adjustment.

In addition, an enlarged right side tilt motor through-hole protects cables and reduces congestion, allowing more cables to pass freely through the centre and customers can now specify an optional wireless control module, allowing for up to 300m remote control, the company said.