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Assimilate’s Live FX software supports Mo-Sys StarTracker

The integrated solution allows users to composite 2D and 3D elements into the live camera signal

Mo-Sys Engineering’s precision camera tracking solution, StarTracker, is now fully supported by Assimilate’s Live FX software, the company has announced.

The integration between StarTracker and Live FX allows for a faster way to create high end content with green-screen and LED wall-based virtual productions, said Mo-Sys.

The Live FX software, which enables real time, live compositing for green-screen and LED wall-based virtual productions on set, when combined with Mo-Sys StarTracker, delivers a one-stop-shop software solution for all kinds of virtual production workflows, the companies said.

“We are delighted to give customers access to a complete solution to accurately deliver high quality tracking data and compositing assets directly to VFX/post workflows,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “With demand for virtual production rising rapidly, filmmakers and cinematographers can deliver the best results without the need to learn a totally new way of doing things.”