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DiGiCo exhibiting dedicated broadcast desks

The highly successful UK-based console manufacturer will show the new broadcast-specific SD7B, SD10B and SD11B from its latest, SD series of consoles.

The highly successful UK-based console manufacturer will show the new broadcast-specific SD7B, SD10B and SD11B from its latest, SD series of consoles.

DiGiCo’s SD Series is based on the power of FPGA technology and Stealth Digital Processing, and adopts a multi-application approach. It is this that has enabled it to develop application specific- feature sets, resulting in dedicated broadcast versions of its SD7, SD10 and SD11 consoles.

“We have a heritage within the broadcast industry from our Soundtracs days,” said DiGiCo’s managing director, James Gordon. “It’s exciting to be back with a set of consoles that address the entire scope of the broadcast market’s needs.”

The SD7B, based on the flagship of DiGiCo’s console range, has been designed to offer the routing capacity, processing ability and user interface to form the heart of the most complex broadcast audio productions. In addition to the standard console’s impressive feature set, the desk handles up to 996 simultaneous optical plus 224 MADI, 24 analogue and AES/EBU connections. It can run two high speed Optocore loops, with any combination of 448 inputs and outputs on each loop and all at 96KHz, while the local I/O connections are suitable for fast outside broadcast set-up before setting up the racks. Backstop PFL is available on every channel, while 256 dynamic EQ processors are available on any input or output on each band of EQ, as are 256 multiband compressors, also available on any input or output. A total of 48 simultaneous internal Stealth digital effects, from a palette of 33, are also provided.

Next in line is the SD10B, which has a broadcast-specific feature set that includes multi-channel ‘folding’ under a single fader, allowing users to configure stereo, LCR, 5.1 or up to eleven mono channels under a single fader strip that can be unfolded for individual control, or neatly folded up for convenience and efficient work surface use. Amongst its features and benefits are 37 x 100mm touch sensitive faders, providing fast access to the console’s large number of channels, which include 96 with full processing, 12 of which can be configured as full Flexi Channels, and outputs that can be assigned across the surface. All inputs have dual mono inputs for fast ‘Main’ and ‘Alt’ channel switching.

New for 2012, and making its debut at BVE, will be the SD11B. Designed to be equally at home as a desktop console or mounted in a 19” rack, it is set to be the most powerful broadcast console yet for its size.

All consoles are compatible with DiGiCo’s SD Rack, which serves as a multi-sample rate signal splitter that also allows the ‘ultra-smooth’ DiGiCo microphone preamps to replace the standard mic preamps of an analogue or other digital console. DiGiCo HD-SDI cards allow the user to de-embed and re-embed any combination of up to four of the available eight AES3-compatible streams per I/O module. Gain Tracking and splitting are also available.

Stand: C2