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A+E Networks doubles editing volume in Blackbird

Enables editors to work remotely and safely

A+E Networks is to double its volume of editing through the Blackbird platform, enabling expansion of its remote video production capability, while ensuring the overall safety of its editors who will be able to work remotely.

The media network first incorporated Blackbird within its infrastructure for a range of Cloud video production workflows in June 2019. Production teams use Blackbird to ingest, view, edit and publish content using a choice of hybrid workflows.

Production staff will have access to Blackbird’s professional suite of editing tools in a browser from home or anywhere else as needed, even on low bandwidth.

“We have moved swiftly to enable our video production teams to work safely and remotely,” said Ed Russo, A+E Networks SVP production operations. “Blackbird gives us all the tools needed to do this by providing professional grade Cloud video editing and publishing capabilities in a browser, even under low-bandwidth conditions.”

“A+E Networks and Blackbird have been building a very strong partnership this past year,” added Blackbird CEO Ian McDonough. “As changes to working practices rapidly come into force, we will be there to fully support them as we will the rest of our global client base.”