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Pixel Power drives efficiencies with Pixel Factory

Pixel Power is focusing on how its products can deliver better content, better quality and better cost efficiency at NAB 2015.

Pixel Power is focusing on how its products can deliver better content, better quality and better cost efficiency at NAB 2015. In today’s highly competitive climate, television channels, OTT services and mobile video demand strong brand identities, which can be applied and maintained at minimal operational cost.

Pixel Factory is the automated content packaging system from Pixel Power. A typical application for Pixel Factory would be to create multiple versions of trailers and promos, based on a standard template. This could include promos for coming programmes, animated and dynamic menu rundowns, and complex programme junctions. Pixel Factory can create all of these completely automatically from a simple set of requirements entered by a producer or scheduler.

A major broadcaster which has implemented Pixel Factory has found that using it across four channels saved the equivalent of a full-time edit suite and operator, freeing that valuable resource for more creative and stimulating work. Pixel Factory is based on the Pixel Power Clarity graphics engine, so delivers uncompromised technical quality, 3D effects and multiple layers for stunning channel, brand and programme promotions.

Pixel Factory sits alongside ChannelMaster, the Pixel Power integrated playout solution. The two offer alternative routes for channel in a box solutions, each tuned to a different set of requirements. ChannelMaster is ideal for a broad range of channels, and for disaster recovery applications, either standalone or as part of an automated environment. For thematic channels, the automated content packaging of Pixel Factory can be extended to create an entire channel output, which can be stored and delivered as a playlist from a simple video server.

“We have long enjoyed a good reputation for the quality of our graphics output, and the creative toolset we give our operators,” said James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power. “That remains at the heart of what we do, and our Clarity graphics system continues to be an ideal choice for both broadcaster and post house.

“But increasingly there is a demand to minimise the impacts of dull and repetitive tasks, like creating multiple versions of a promo,” he added. “We are ahead of the market in delivering clever ways to automate the repetitive, leaving the talented operator to concentrate on the creative. It means even the biggest broadcasters can afford to create more and better branding and promotion; and Pixel Power quality can also be extended to online and OTT services which previously had to contend with low-cost, basic grade graphics.”