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Aperi presents a new approach to live production

A brand new stand at IBC2018 will see Aperi demonstrate the technology that content producers and distributors all over the world are using for faster, more efficient live productions.

The company will demonstrate a live 4K production chain that relies on Aperi’s production platform to achieve true remote production. Visitors will see how deploying a software-based workflow, instead of traditional hardware-only or hybrid architectures, enable broadcast functions that can be turned on or off, as needed.

Underpinning Aperi’s technology is V-Stack, an FPGA-powered software platform optimised for live production that provides much more compute power than CPU- or GPU-based processing.

Aperi’s platform is said to be the only low-latency platform that enables the start and stop of broadcast functions through apps with flexible licenses. The platform is also the industry’s first to be built with container-based technology fully integrated, with automatic discovery and registration proven in the data centre software world, removing the need for manual processes and administration or field engineers.

During the show, visitors will be able to see how Aperi’s V-Stack reduces seconds of latency to just milliseconds. V-Stack’s RESTful API structure underlies an easy but resourceful integration with any orchestration system.

The stand will also feature the latest IP security and monitoring solutions for SMPTE-2110 and 2022 production and delivery networks to ensure valuable programming is kept safe throughout the production chain. These include software-integrated NAT & Firewall, hitless, FEC, A/B and auto-microserver failover and self-healing mechanisms.

An Aperi remote production network can either be deployed on generic FPGA-powered servers or Aperi’s dedicated edge servers. A new addition to Aperi’s product range, the A1101, an intelligent new one-blade microserver with an integrated IP switch, will also be on the stand.