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Synamedia gets intelligent with the pirates, Globelynx and The Switch extend partnership, and more

TVBEurope rounds up the latest product and tech news from around the market, including Synamedia, Globelynx, The Switch and Magewell

Synamedia is aiming to take on content pirates with the launch of a new intelligence-first security model.

According to the company, the industry first, this data-led model also makes it possible to measure the efficacy and ROI of anti-piracy initiatives.

The model combines both digital and human intelligence to provide insights into the minds, motivations and behaviours of pirates, and their infrastructure and business models.

As part of the model, Synamedia has redesigned its counter-piracy operations centre – Synamedia EverGuard. It can create a list of recommended actions against a set of devices, user accounts and pirate streaming sites, as well as support multiple ways of disrupting services and analysing the effectiveness of each disruption mechanism for better future outcomes.

Synamedia has also launched a new generation of client- and/or headend-based watermarking agents which it says are resistant to pirates’ evasion techniques, and a new analytics agent.

“With a blend of human and digital intelligence we can build a detailed picture of the pirate ecosystem, crack the criminal mind-set and – working closely with law enforcement agencies – ultimately shut down pirates’ businesses,” said Yael Fainaro,  SVP, Security at Synamedia. “This hard data is an industry gamechanger, making it possible to move away from a best-effort cost model to one that proves the efficacy and ROI of any anti-piracy spend.”

Globelynx, The Switch extend partnership

Globelynx and The Switch have extended their partnership to facilitate live broadcast interviews around the world.

Under the terms of a new three and half year deal, The Switch will act as Globelynx’s primary delivery and transmission service provider, facilitating the delivery of live feeds between Globelynx’s network of cameras and its broadcast clients. This will enable Globelynx’s roster of experts to deliver live commentary and analysis to news outlets including ITN, BBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera, CNN, CNBC and CGTN.

David Hanson, managing director of Globelynx, said, “The Switch has been an excellent broadcast partner, providing a robust and high-quality platform and comprehensive support around the clock. I look forward to working with them as Globelynx enters its next phase of growth.”

Magewell Rolls Out New Pro Convert Models

Magewell is ready to demonstrate three new models of its Pro Convert family of encoders and decoders—the Pro Convert 12G SDI Plus, the Pro Convert for NDI to SDI and the Pro Convert H.26x to SDI.

The Pro Convert 12G SDI Plus is a plug-and-play unit that ingests video up to 4K at 60 fps over a single-link, 12Gbps SDI interface and converts it to full NDI streams with low latency. This encoder supports up to 16 channels of embedded audio, while automatic input format detection and DHCP-based network configuration eliminate the need for manual setup. There is an SDI loop-through connection for input signals to be sent simultaneously to additional displays or equipment without external splitters or routers. Additional features include program and preview tally lights, protocol conversion for NDI control of non-NDI PTZ cameras and a standard 1/4-20-inch threat for camera mounting.


Both the Pro Convert for NDI to SDI and Pro Convert H.26X to SDI are decoders that convert input streams up to 2048×1080 at 60 fps for output via a 3Gbps SDI interface. The Pro Convert H.26x to SDI decodes H.264 or H.265 compressed video streams in streaming protocols that range from SRT, RTSP, RTMP, UDP, RTP and HLS. The Pro Convert for NDI to SDI, meanwhile, can decode all of those plus full-bandwidth NDI and high-efficiency, lower-bitrate NDI|HX streams.