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Media Broadcast delivers first football match produced entirely on 5G

The PoC and earlier use cases confirm that producing content over 5G with existing technology is possible, said the companies involved

Media Broadcast has delivered a Proof of Concept using 5G to deliver four cameras wirelessly over a private 5G network for the first time.

The company worked on a football match in Bonn, where it set up a 5G campus network with a bandwidth of 100 MHz in the stadium that can be used to connect up to 20 HD cameras with just one 5G outdoor antenna to the video control room throughout the stadium.

Haivision provided its technology to encode, transmit and decode the camera feeds in the OB van, with latencies of around 200 milliseconds from the camera to the picture control room, said the company.

The production at the PoC included a total of four cameras, three of which were cameras in static positions and one portable camera that was used for interviews.

“Together with Haivision, we have proven that professional productions over a 5G campus network are also ideally suited for demanding sports events, producing first-class images and new camera perspectives even with a smaller budget.” said Daniel Wolbers, project manager for 5G campus networks at Media Broadcast.

“This opens up new possibilities for the TV and streaming marketing of events for organisers and rights holders.”

Marcus Schioler, vice president of marketing at Haivision added: “We are pleased to have been part of this project, which once again showed how 5G applications are a game changer for live TV production.

“Haivision’s high-quality, low-latency, 5G-enabled transmission systems coupled with our Safe Stream Transport protocol enable broadcasters to reduce the cost and complexity of multi-camera productions while bringing viewers even closer to the action.”