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Discovery Plus ‘to launch in early 2021’

Discovery Plus will reportedly offer both ad-supported and ad-free tier

Discovery is set to launch its direct-to-consumer streaming service in the first quarter of 2021 according to reports.

Digiday cites agency execs who say Discovery Plus will debut early next year. The broadcaster filed a trademark for Discovery+ in July.

According to the report, Discovery Plus will feature an ad-supported and an ad-free tier, with the ad-supported tier expected to carry a maximum of five minutes of ads per hour of programming.

The broadcaster is said to be aiming the service at viewers who would not watch its linear programming. “This is for cord cutters,” one executive told Digiday.

Discovery ZEO David Zaslav has teased a planned D2C service multiple times, speaking at an event last week he said the streamer will launch “very soon.”

The broadcaster has declined to comment on the report.