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The Switch heads to the Cloud with new production-as-a-service solution

MiMiC aims to give broadcasters, streaming services, rights holders and enterprises access to remote production capabilities for live events

The Switch is aiming to make remote production easier for live events organisers with the launch of a new Cloud-based production-as-a-service solution.

MiMiC aims to give broadcasters, streaming services, rights holders and enterprises access to remote production capabilities for live and virtual events of all sizes. The solution combines both the Cloud and The Switch’s global network for content distribution.

According to the company, MIMiC delivers the convenience of a complete end-to-end service, and is available as a flexible on-demand ‘as-a-Service’ offering that includes remote IP-video contribution, production and clipping tools, and distribution.

All aspects of the production workflow, from editing and graphics creation, to comms and talk-back, are handled in the Cloud. Key features include support for sports data feeds, contribution connectivity, contribution encoding equipment, programme distribution and production staffing.

The Switch had initially planned to launch the solution later this summer, but Robert Szabo-Rowe, SVP of Product Management, told TVBEurope the current pandemic changed their thinking: “It’s fair to say that we have probably launched this about a month earlier than we were expecting because of the current Covid-19 situation. We have been working on this for quite a long time, this is probably six months of work or more as far as preparing the service for launch.”

Remote production as a concept and as a set of technological capabilities has of course been around for a number of years. The Switch’s president and CEO, Eric Cooney, believes the current pandemic has helped advance its adoption by broadcasters, event organisers and sports leagues. “People are asking, how can I travel less, how can I keep my people safe? Those requirements in a pandemic environment are better met in a remote production environment than in a traditional production services environment. So, we are seeing an increased demand for remote production as a consequence of Covid-19.

“Our view is that there are very clear both economic and operational advantages to a remote production service capability,” Cooney added. “And, I think informed by the experience of coronavirus, there are a number of folks, particularly at the tier one level, who are doing more in terms of remote production, out of necessity than perhaps they otherwise would have done.

“I think coming out of coronavirus with that experience under their belt in terms of quality, the cost, and the performance, we’ll definitely see across the spectrum a greater comfort level with remote production services as just a viable part of the portfolio of choices that a rights holder has to bring their content to market.”