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Cloud production control room goes live

Atomos has launched its cloud-based control room, Atomos Studio, which makes "live video production and remote collaboration affordable, accessible and easy", the company said

Atomos Cloud Studio, a new suite of cloud-based video production services, is now available, Atomos has announced, offering a range of subscription-based tools for remote collaboration and live production.

The suite comprises Atomos Capture to Cloud, Atomos Stream and Atomos Live Production*, and leverages the CONNECT range of network enabled monitor-recorder devices: ATOMOS CONNECT for Ninja V and Ninja V+, and Shogun CONNECT. Zato CONNECT supports Atomos Capture to Cloud and Atomos Stream.

“We see it as augmenting video production,” said Trevor Elbourne, CEO of Atomos. “Filmmakers and video content producers everywhere can access Atomos Cloud Studio to collaborate and share their work faster than ever before, create a polished live production or stream content to the platform of their choice directly from the camera.”

Subscription packages range from the free camera to cloud functionality and 720P proxy quality, to tiered monthly subscription plans in which more features can be added. Five devices can be registered for $/€5 per month, all capable of uploading 1080P proxy files while recording, using Atomos’ file transfer technology. There are four subscription tiers in total.

“Think of it as similar to a phone SIM tariff,” added Elbourne. “You choose a plan that best suits your needs, but if you find that you need more live production hours you can easily scale up or, for quieter periods, scale down. It’s cost-effective and completely flexible.”

Live Production is available in Beta with featuring three types of live production show: basic, standard, and advanced.