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How new camera technology captured dramatic Carabao Cup final

The match between Chelsea and Liverpool saw the highest peak audience of the 2021/22 football season

Sky Sports used a number of new camera technologies to capture Liverpool’s dramatic Carabao Cup win at Wembley Stadium on Sunday.

The broadcaster introduced new super slow-motion spidercam and steadicam cameras to capture the action.

The Super Slow Spidercam – which Sky says is a world first in football coverage – was used to showcase key replays, and montage shots. The camera was still used at full speed for live cuts and analytical replays, and then switched to super slow for replays of set-pieces and penalty kicks.

Sky Sports introduced new ACS net cameras with zoom lenses for the match, while the Super Slow Steadicam was used predominantly for the trophy lift and celebration scenes at full time.

Sky said most of its celebration shots over the years have come from the use of Steadicams on the pitch, so the ability to switch this camera to super slow mode “is a great way of adding greater depth to the live show”.

Sky Sports has reported the highest in-home peak and average viewing figures on record for a League Cup Final for Sunday’s match.

The game averaged 3.16 million viewers and peaked at over 4 million – the highest in-home peak for any match since Liverpool v Man Utd in January 2021 (4.8 million). The final also saw the highest peak audience of the 2021/22 football season.