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Blackbird takes Eurovision Sport into the cloud

Grants EBU members access to multiple live streams, fast clipping and multi-track non-linear editing

Blackbird and Eurovision Sport have signed a multi-year deal enabling cloud native video production for EBU members.

Eurovision Sport will deploy the video editing platform for professional, collaborative and scalable cloud native video editing and publishing of sports content.

The EBU sport division manages media rights for 17 sports on behalf of its public service media members, delivering up to 30,000 hours of sport each year.

Using Blackbird, the editorial team can immediately access multiple live streams, seconds behind live, from any location in the world through its browser-based editor.

The platform enables fast, collaborative clipping and multi-track non-linear editing with a professional toolset. Content can be rapidly published to media partners and multiple digital endpoints including social, web and OTT platforms.

The company noted that Blackbird reduces carbon emissions by up to 91 per cent compared to traditional video editing workflows, thereby playing an active role in supporting Eurovision Sport’s sustainability goals.

Blackbird also reduces infrastructure costs by up to 75 per cent due to its cloud native architecture, according to the company.

Franck Choquard, Eurovision Sport head of content and services, said: “In this time of digital transformation where not only EBU members but also all our Federations’ partners are aiming at publishing more content on their various platforms, having the possibility to quickly turn around content and enrich it through the Blackbird solution is really effective for us.

“We are now able to reach more fans in a more effective way and are aiming at developing our ecosystem further within the coming months. Last but not least for the EBU community, we are aiming at being more sustainable within our workflow and Blackbird is definitely a great partner in this journey.”

Ian McDonough, Blackbird plc CEO, added: “As part of the EBU, with members in over 50 countries, Eurovision Sport is a giant in sports broadcasting. In its role in helping stakeholders navigate technological innovation in sports production, Blackbird is delighted to be playing a part as a central hub for cloud native video editing. We are really excited to add Eurovision to our growing roster of large global OEM partners and to be directly enabling their members in efficient cloud migration.”