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Swit Electronics: Monitors and wireless monitoring

Two new 21.5-inch LCD monitors (one with 3G support) and a 15.6-inch, all offering full HD IPS LCD panels and accurate colour reproduction for studio and field monitoring, have been introduced by Swit.

The 21.5-inch models both have waveform displays. The S-1221F has HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, CVBS input, while the S-1221H adds 3G-SDI input. The S-1221F also has HDMI to SDI conversion output, vectorscope and RGB histogram.

Both feature: 1000:1 contrast; 178º viewing angle; underscan / overscan, safe area; peaking focus assist; Zebra; embedded audio meters; SDI timecode display; realtime video zoom-in and flip; 3-colour Tally lights; and optional V-mount or Gold mount battery plates.

The S-1161H 15.6-inch model, has many of the same features, including 3G input, and can fit in a 19-inch 7U rack.

Swit has also introduced two uncompressed zero-latency HD wireless monitoring systems: the S-4903T/R for 3G/HD-SDI, and S-4913T/R for HDMI. Both use MIMO wireless technology with a transmission distance of 200m in the 5.1-5.9GHz license-free band.
Also new are compact V-mount-to-Gold mount and Gold mount-to-V-mount conversion plates.