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Socialising MAM and more

Enhancements to the Dalet Galaxy, Brio and AmberFin platforms for media management, processing and I/O are being showcased in Hall 8 at IBC.

Work orders are now integrated within Dalet Galaxy, rather than being contained in a third-party system. By importing work orders into Galaxy, supervisors can now work directly within Dalet systems to see media progress. Dalet Galaxy will directly take this order and orchestrate all the manual and automated steps, reporting progress as it does so.

Also new at IBC, Dalet Galaxy users can now publish directly to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Dalet is also developing and implementing a cross-platform standards-based strategy for facilitating captioning and subtitling workflows in Galaxy, Brio and AmberFin. Additionally, when dealing with legacy or proprietary caption file formats, Dalet has developed a close partnership with Screen Subtitling Systems.

Also new, Dalet AmberFin, combined with the new Dalet Workflow Engine, improves the orchestration of media workflows.