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Rules-driven B2B multi-format delivery

France Médias Monde (FMM), the group in charge of French international broadcasting services, broadcasts from Paris to the world in 14 languages. The content is not only broadcast as a linear TV channel, but is also made available via new media platforms and syndicated to more than 130 partners, attracting 24 million visits a month.

FMM faces the challenge of distributing content to all partners according to each partner’s specific contract and requirements in terms of the type of content, media format, metadata and delivery interfaces. The definition of ‘which content is distributed to whom and how’ changes constantly and requires input from various departments including programme planning, partner agreements and technical operations.

Together with IBM, FMM implemented a solution to manage the distribution process based on user-defined rules. Instead of building more than 130 different workflows, the distribution workflow is created dynamically, based on various rules which the different groups of users define for their scope of responsibility.

IBM is demoing the IBM Archive and Essence Manager in its meeting suites. 13.MS22, 13.MS40, 13.MS41