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RGB Link Science & Technology: Market for small pitch LED

From the beginning of its business application, the LED screen opened a new market for display that traditional technologies could not target, particularly in outdoor applications like stadiums and out of home advertising.

The indoor business application is still dominated by traditional display materials, such as the LCD video wall and projector. However, the small pitch LED screen will soon challenge the traditional market as the resolution is already much higher and is set to get higher still.

RGBlink sees great opportunities for the small pitch LED screen, but also a big challenge. As the traditional display market is mostly used for video presentation, integration is the basic requirement. There are some key points for this kind of application ­­– better image quality; 4K x 2K resolution; multiple display windows and seamless presentation; and the remote control requirement.

At IBC2014 visitors have the chance to experience clear, refined, close-distance displays. RGBlink can meet all our guests and show them new products, while visitors are able to communicate with the world’s top LED display system manufacturers and distributors to understand the needs of the cutting-edge LED industry. All of which will help keep visitors at the forefront of the technology, but also promotes the development of the LED industry’s rapid updates and upgrades.