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F1 to light up Las Vegas Sphere with custom Grand Prix content

The Las Vegas Sphere, which has been hosting the hugely successful U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere immersive experience, will lend its Exposphere (its fully LED exterior) to the Formula 1 Grand Prix this weekend

Sphere Entertainment Co and the Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix have announced details of the custom Grand Prix content created exclusively by Sphere Studios that will be displayed on Sphere’s fully programmable LED exterior – the Exosphere – in celebration of Las Vegas’ inaugural race weekend.

“We are looking forward to partnering with the Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix in the inaugural year both for Sphere and the Grand Prix in Las Vegas,” said Joel Fisher, executive vice president marquee events and operations for MSG Entertainment, which oversees marquee events for Sphere. “This is one of the world’s premier sporting events, and we are ready to showcase Sphere to our global audience via F1 – both in person in Las Vegas and watching around the world – demonstrating the unparalleled technological and creative capabilities of the Exosphere.”

“Sphere’s Exosphere doesn’t just complement the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, it elevates it to new heights, turning every lap into a mesmerizing experience for fans in attendance and watching on TV globally,” added Emily Prazer, chief commercial officer for Las Vegas Grand Prix, Inc. “Picture real-time pole positions, thrilling podium celebrations, and a dynamic showcase of all 20 drivers and their iconic cars displayed larger-than-life. We are excited to have Sphere at the heart of race weekend.”

Race Week in Las Vegas officially kicked off on Tuesday with The Netflix Cup, which marked the first time the Exosphere’s content was cued live in response to a live sporting event. The race itself, on Saturday, November 18, will also see content created exclusively by Sphere Studios for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, cued live throughout. This will include real-time pole position, a custom podium moment to celebrate the race’s winner, plus advertising from brands as part of their partnership with the Grand Prix.

The Exosphere consists of approximately 1.2 million LED pucks, spaced eight inches apart. Each puck contains 48 individual LED diodes, with each diode capable of displaying 256 million different colours.