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Pushing 4K broadcast applications

A suite of fibre optic transport products that provides a single coax or fibre connection to a 12Gbps SDI video interface for 4K/UHD applications has been created by Bluebell Opticom.

Bluebell is displaying the newly upgraded BN390 unit, which combines four 3G-SDI signals onto one 12G-SDI signal via single-mode fibre output. Now with auto-sensing technology, the BN390 automatically detects the format of the incoming signal and configures itself to transport the signal accordingly. The unit now covers all bit rates, frame rates, and formats of 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI, and 12G-SDI.

Intended for 4K UHD transport, the unit also supports multiple SD/HD/3G-SDI transport in metropolitan networks. Available CWDM optics enable four discrete channels to be carried on one wavelength, making it possible for 64 channels to travel on a single fibre strand over distances of 60km.

Also on display is the BN365, a standalone 12G fibre transport module upgraded to achieve better performance; cleaner, crisper pictures; and longer distances. Like its BN390
cousin, the BN365 is available with CWDM optics.

Paul McCann, managing director, Bluebell Opticom, said: “Whether we’re supplying portable standalone devices for outside broadcast, rack-based systems for master control, or something in between, Bluebell is all about making things more efficient for our broadcast customers.”