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Parisian tech aids Avatar 2

The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIR) has one overriding goal – to serve 400,000 businesses as well as students and apprentices in the Paris region (which includes the adjoining Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne departments).

According to the CCIR, it is committed to generating services for businesses under its care, activating professional skills, and providing a voice for the Parisian business community.

Among the innovators it was helping represent at IBC was SolidAnim (Stand 11.E40d), an expert in realtime camera tracking.

SolidAnim’s realtime markerless camera tracking system, SolidTrack, has already been used for a couple of notable features. It helped Joseph Gordon-Levitt, performing on a green screen, to make Philip Petit’s famous tightrope walk between New York’s Twin Towers in Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk. And it also was used to place a cast in the extensive virtual sets that make up the magical world in 2016’s Alice in Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass.

The system has also caught the eye of director James Cameron who is including the technology in his pipeline for the Avatar sequels.

According to the company, SolidTrack was developed to give filmmakers plenty of flexibility in that it can quickly be set up and doesn’t require a greenscreen stage. It’s designed to talk with popular software such as Autodesk’s MotionBuilder and Maya,
which were used on the first Avatar film.

At IBC, SolidAnim was also showing a new virtual camera dubbed SolidVCam.

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