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New Frontier in virtual studio graphics from Ross

Frontier is a virtual studio graphics rendering platform, based on a video gaming engine capable of photorealistic scenery, that was produced in collaboration with The Future Group.

As a result of an extensive graphic feature set, designers can achieve realistic looks with greater accuracy, stated Ross. Frontier includes features like collision, dynamic texture, reflections and real-time shadows.

Frontier incorporates the Ross UX application to provide an operator-friendly front end, negating the need for operators to learn new platforms. Virtual solutions can be customised, and are both flexible and scalable with Frontier in terms of the number of cameras and the number of graphic engines being used.

Gideon Ferber, director for product management and business development at Ross Virtual Solution, Ross Video, said: “A benefit of using virtual production technology is that modest studio spaces can be made to look larger and more impressive, and set design can be quickly and easily changed for different applications.”

Frontier fits many different applications, said Ross. One recent example is a production services facility that needed to produce a game show for their customer in a greenscreen studio.

The decision to use Frontier was based on the quality and realism of the design that could be achieved.