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New additions to 2/3-inch UHD lens range

Fujinon has introduced three new 2/3-inch Ultra HD/4K-compatible broadcast zoom lenses to its UA series (which now includes seven lenses). The latest additions are two compact, lightweight wide-angle and ultra wide-angle zooms (the UA18x5.5 and UA14x4.5) and a 27x studio lens (UA27x6.5).

The 2.04kg UA18x5.5 will be ideal as a standard lens for hand-held shooting, while the compact UA14x4.5 measures just 238.5mm, allowing users to get closer during live sport coverage (with a minimum object distance of 0.3m) or offer productions a real sense of depth.

The UA27x6.5 has a maximum aperture of f1.5 and is a useful size for news or variety shows, but also suitable for outside broadcasts, where the wide angle of 6.5mm can give a full view of a concert venue in live coverage. It also has a built-in 2x extender for distant close ups, and a 16-bit encoder, for high-resolution lens data, including zoom and focal position information, for virtual studio or augmented reality work.

All three lenses use Fujifilm’s proprietary HT-EBC (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating) multi-layer coating to provide for a high level of transmittance and colour reproduction. In addition, new optical simulation technology has been used during the optical design process to prevent resolution degradation around the edges and control all types of aberrations, so as to achieve 4K image quality across the zoom range.

They also use nine aperture blades to offer natural bokeh.