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My IBC: Noor Hassan, senior partner solutions architect, M&E, AWS

AWS' Noor Hassan joins us for this week's My IBC, where the partner solutions architect reveals that the show's absence during the pandemic only served to emphasise its value in bringing the industry community together

What’s your typical IBC routine: what are you there to see/learn, who are you there to meet?

The planning for IBC starts well in advance of the event. This is true across the entire AWS for the media & entertainment (M&E) team. As a partner solutions architect, much of my focus is on engaging with the many AWS partners who present with us at the show. This includes working on demo preparations and ensuring their unique ‘superpowers’ on AWS are represented at our booth for our attendees who are keen to see the role our partners play in delivering the latest and greatest media workflows in the cloud. I also spend a significant amount of time meeting with existing and new partners at IBC.

As AWS for M&E has more than 400 partners from around the globe, IBC presents a great opportunity to focus on what matters the most to them, and align on how we will collaborate post-IBC. These meetings are like acceleration launchpads, if you will! At the show, I also allocate time to meet with customers, as hearing their voices is critical to understanding how best we can support our partners.


Why is IBC important to you/your business in a professional capacity, and how does the show compare to others on the calendar?

As one of the most important media and entertainment conferences in the world, IBC is a hub for a diverse range of industry professionals and thought leaders to come together and learn from one another, as well as be inspired by the technology innovations that shape our industry. For AWS, IBC enables us to connect with global customers, partners, and the media community to present new solutions, services, features, and highlight the art of the possible. Ninety per cent of what we build is driven by what matters most to our customers, with the other ten per cent being innovations we believe will benefit them in the future. So this year, we are looking forward to helping our customers and partners accelerate their workloads in the cloud, while envisioning new possibilities with the help of generative AI.

What are you most looking forward to at IBC 2023?

So many things! Anyone who has attended IBC before knows the wonderful energy that comes with it. It’s something I always look forward to because it’s an accumulation of excitement, anticipation, and curiosity that our customers, partners, and the industry as a whole work towards. For me, a question I always have is “what new innovations are we going to see?” I am very excited to find out what our partners and other organisations will be highlighting this year, and I look forward to introducing attendees to how AWS is making it easier to select the right tools and partners for their highest-priority workloads in order to accelerate production launches and see faster time to value.

Not being at IBC during the pandemic made me realise how invaluable it is to meet with our customers, partners, old and new colleagues in person, and so connecting with industry leaders and innovators, and hearing their insights on trends, challenges, and vision for the future is definitely something to look forward to. Over the years, IBC has also been addressing key global topics. In recent years this includes areas such as sustainability and diversity, equity & inclusion. This is incredible, and as a woman in tech, it is particularly encouraging for me to witness how the culture of our industry continues to evolve.

Registration for IBC2023 is now open