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Eurovision Song Contest, Warner Bros Motion Picture Group set for IBC honours

A project aiming to advance the DVB-I standard to enable the ongoing use of linear TV programming in Germany will receive the 2023 Special Award for Innovation

IBC will present its most prestigious award, the International Honour for Excellence (IHFE) to Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group at this year’s show in Amsterdam.

The IHFE is one of a series of special IBC awards celebrating the very best in innovation and change in media and entertainment.

“Warner Bros Motion Picture Group has been a leading creative force in media and entertainment since its inception 100 years ago and remains an industry trailblazer,” said IBC CEO Michael Crimp. “Warner Bros’ work has had a profound impact on our industry and society over the last century and continues to do so today, shaping our culture and our understanding of the world around us through its films, television programming and other productions.”

The jury for the Innovation Awards has announced the winner of the 2023 Special Award for Innovation is the German DVB-I Pilot – an initiative bringing together multiple stakeholders from the German media industry, including broadcasters, device manufacturers, software providers and research institutions. The project aims to advance the DVB-I standard to enable the ongoing use of linear TV programming.

Mark Waddell, Ian Wagdin, David Butler (BBC), Sam Yoffe, Kenny Barlee, Douglas Allan, Malcolm Brew, and Robert Stewart (University of Strathclyde and Neutral Wireless) will receive the Best Technical Paper Award at the show. Their paper on deploying a 5G standalone non-public network at the coronation of King Charles III is described as being exceptionally well-written and materially relevant to the media industry, sharing valuable technical insight.

As part of its Social Impact Awards programme, IBC has launched a new special award, the 2023 Changemaker Award, which this year honours the Eurovision Song Contest for its contribution to society and culture – celebrating a brand that continues to stay relevant and fresh on a huge scale. The award recognises the multifaceted cultural phenomenon and the global production network involved in delivering the event. IBC will welcome Martin Österdahl, European Broadcasting Union (EBU) executive supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest to accept the award and talk about the live broadcasting event.

IBC has also announced that the 2023 Special Award for Social Impact, selected by the Social Impact Awards jury, will be presented to the Women in Streaming Media Mentorship Programme, which focuses on career development and personal growth goals that support business objectives. Women in Streaming Media has grown from 50 members to 1,200 in the last five years to establish a significant presence in the industry. Its free, six-month mentorship programme has played a part in the appointment of six board director seats and eleven C-suite roles, among forty-five promotions and placements.

The IBC Innovation Awards take place in IBC’s Premier Lounge at 18.00 CEST on Sunday, 17 September, while the Social Impact Awards will be held the same day at 16.30 CEST in The Forum as part of the Changemakers Programme.

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