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More power, less space

The Maxiva UAXT-12 and UAXT-16 extend the UAXT range, first introduced in late 2014, to higher power levels not previously available in air-cooled transmitters, claimed GatesAir.

This gives UHF broadcasters the improved power efficiency and greater modularity of GatesAir’s PowerSmart transmitter designs, said the company, including the third-generation PowerSmart Plus architecture, along with the simplicity of air-cooled operation.

The UAXT with advanced PowerSmart designs provide the convenience of air cooling at higher power levels.

This offers a clear operational value proposition for broadcasters unable to support liquid-cooling architectures for high-power TV due to the remote location of, or limited real estate within, the RF plant, said GatesAir. With GatesAir’s broadband amplification at the core of the transmitters, it claimed broadcasters could have a smaller footprint for cleaner installation in space-challenged RF plants.