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Mobibase improves video streaming for Mexican operator

Mobibase has completely revamped the video streaming service for a leading telecommunications company operating in Spain and many Latin American countries. The service was first launched in 2015 by Mobibase and was recently enhanced with an improved user experience.

Today, the service provides access to a diverse range of thematics (kids, education, generalist, lifestyle and glamour) with over 20 live TV channels, such as Cartoon TV, English Club TV, Jovenes TV, Banda TV, Cooking TV, Musica Latina and others, as well as hundreds of on-demand videos. The content is available in International Spanish and No dialog, bringing a unique entertainment experience to the local audiences.

Based on Mobibase’s in-house framework , the service is built on a responsive web application that supports viewing anytime, anywhere, on any device including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

“We are pleased to partner with an experienced operator in Spain and Latin American, reinforcing our international footprint,” said Vincent Roger, CEO of Mobibase. “ We’ve been working hard over the last few years to build high-quality and user-friendly video streaming services to offer our clients more choices and satisfy their needs.”