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MatchBox licks lip sync errors

A device for accurately measuring audio and video alignment is on show at IBC, both in Hall 2 and outside the venue, inside an OB truck.

The Hitomi MatchBox gauges picture and sound placement to ensure that the exact amount of correction can be applied. This helps to eliminate errors such as a lip sync misalignment during a live broadcast. UK facilities firm Timeline Television uses the MatchBox 4K in its UHD2 truck, which is parked outside the RAI.

Lee Wright, a senior broadcast engineer at Timeline, said: “With 4K transmissions there is a relatively high video processing delay to audio. The only way to measure the discrepancy out of the HEVC encoder is by using a MatchBox, as every time there is a slightly different delay.”

MatchBox measures the delay in milliseconds so that an engineer can manually add the correct delay in the audio to match the video.

“It is really important to line up accurately,” added Wright. “MatchBox allows us to line up mathematically and scientifically really quickly.” Hitomi is based in Slough in the UK.