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Litepanels: LEDs achieve colour consistency

LED lights from Litepanels have performed highly when tested for the new Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI). All scored in the highest bracket, meaning they wouldn’t require colour correction in post.

The TLCI was created by colour scientist, and former BBC engineer Alan Roberts in conjunction with the European Broadcasting Union, and assesses colour reproduction as seen by a camera, taking account of the response of the TV system, while to the old colour rendering index is designed purely for architectural lighting and gives no indication of how much colour correction will be necessary. Roberts tested a wide range of lights from different manufacturers, including Litepanels.

Litepanels 1×1 Bi-Focus lights achieved a TLCI of 98, the Sola 9 rated 94 (the Sola 12 attained 89), the Inca 9 rated 93, and the Inca 12 scored 86. All scored above 85, which means they produce errors “so small that a colourist would not consider correcting them,” according to Roberts, while for scores between 75 and 85 “a colourist would probably want to correct the colour performance, but could easily get an acceptable result.” The index has been designed so that any light scoring above 50 should be useful for broadcast, although it might require a lot of grading below 75.

“Litepanels LEDs have always performed well in CRI testing, achieving top results. However, the TLCI measurement is particularly significant for the industry as it has been developed specifically with the LED light in mind,” said Chris Marchitelli, Litepanels’ VP of marketing.