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Libec: Allex multi-axis slider and tripod

Allex, a new modular, active support system comprising an all-new tripod, head and five-axis slider, has been launched by Libec, and is claimed to offer users “extremely accurate and smooth pan, tilt and slide movements.”

“The Allex gives users the freedom to create,” said Nick Allen-Miles of European distributor Ianiro International. “The slider can be used on any surface, or fixed between two tripods for maximum stability. By mounting the slider to a single tripod and using a second head under the camera, the operator can capture fluid images at any angle for truly cinematic results.”

It can take a payload of up to 15kg, and should provide smooth movement thanks to eight ball bearings, while a spring-equipped friction control knob precisely regulates the speed of movement along the 800mm track. A brake enables users to hold the camera on the vertical plain, adding more than half a metre in height to the reach of a standard tripod.

The two-stage tripod is a new design, weighing just 2.5kg, with increased rigidity thanks to new high performance stoppers. Each leg incorporates footpads with integrated, extendable spikes for fixing to soft floor surfaces. The new head can carry up to 4kg and be mounted to a standard 75mm ball or flat base tripod – or the dedicated Allex tripod – making it suited to a range of sliders and skater dollies. The system has a total weight of 5.8kg and costs around £500 or €600.