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IRT presents enticing demo

One of the sharpest stand demos, designed and provided by IRT, is the DVB look at targeted advertising as an application of hybrid broadband broadcast specs. It is built on a combination of DVB and HbbTV technology.

“It opens a business case, especially for the free-to-air operators because they now have a standardised solution in place for improved monetisation,” said DVB project director Peter Siebert.

“We provide the forward channel and the necessary signalling, and HbbTV provides the requisite protocols to synchronise the two streams very tightly. That is the critical element,” he added. “The consumer should not see a glitch when the TV switches from normal broadcast mode and stitches in the targeted advertising content, which comes from the internet.”

Entry and exit are the critical factors, so the demo highlights one normal broadcast with targeted commercial content, and the no glitch option. Given that HbbTV 2.01 is just emerging but is crucial to this implementation, the demo counts as an enticing prospect.

“With HbbTV we have created a study mission group to look into targeted advertising, to see if the solution as seen addresses all the relevant demands of the market. If more specs are required we will produce them,” said Siebert.