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Interface bonding ViA codec

The new ViA codec is being unveiled for the first time. Leveraging Tieline’s approach to mobile reporting using the Report-IT Enterprise smartphone app, ViA delivers a simple and intuitive codec user interface, said the company.

Connection is via dual Ethernet ports or two USB modems, or an on-board WiFi module. A user can insert an optional POTS or ISDN module, and the codec is instantly transformed to connect over alternative network transports.

With Tieline’s proprietary Fuse-IP data aggregation technology, a user can bond any three IP interfaces. As an example, two USB modems can be bonded with a WiFi connection, or two Ethernet connections with a WiFi connection or USB modem.

Fuse-IP technology automatically manages the data capability of each link. Tieline’s SmartStream Plus dual redundant streaming software for redundant IP streaming over the public internet is also included as standard.

The company said ViA seamlessly integrates with Tieline’s Merlin and Merlin Plus audio codecs to transmit high fidelity, full duplex stereo program audio with a separate bidirectional IFB circuit.