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Inrix says CallMe for traffic updates

Inrix, the global data and software services company, has installed a Vortex CallMe browser-based communications platform for audio codecs to provide traffic bulletins across different platforms.
Steve Perry, senior engineer, Inrix, said: “We have adopted CallMe as the standard for delivery of live, high-quality travel news services to our client base, including BBC Local Radio and commercial stations.”

Its presenters, based at Inrix’s travel centres across the UK, sound like they are with the host in the studio thanks to CallMe’s high-quality, low-latency audio. Feeds are usually received using Comrex Access codecs, of which there is a huge installed base, but stations are also installing low-cost CallMe-TS studio codecs dedicated to traffic news.

Using the cloud-based IP audio is simple, even for one-off contributions, as the studio can send a web link accessible on a computer or mobile device that links to the station’s own web platform, connecting directly to a codec in full broadcast quality. Each station has its own portal and the back-end device can be an existing codec or one of the new low-cost CallMe-T IP audio codecs.

Listen Live links allow users to send audio streams to multiple destinations simultaneously from a single studio codec. A new admin interface coming soon will allow stations to take control of all these features and keep track of connections.