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Hotspot delivers broadcast opportunity

Communities such as schools, hospitals, NGOs, and other types of public or private companies are deploying SatADSL’s hotspot solution to add value to their standard services through the use of remote WiFi access. Any device with WiFi connectivity, such as a PC, smartphone or tablet, can be used if within range of a WiFi hotspot.

The SatADSL hotspot, on show at IBC, is increasingly used by schools and universities to broadcast lectures over the internet in real time, and to provide connectivity to students and teachers beyond regular school hours.

According to the satellite service provider, the hotspot has also been useful to residents of remote and rural areas, particularly in Africa, where terrestrial communications are not reliable, allowing them to connect to a community network of a school or a hospital.

National wildlife reserves, such as the Peace Parks Foundation HQ, located in Stellenbosch, South Africa, and Virunga National Park in Uganda, also use the SatADSL solution to offer visitors internet access in different geographical zones of the reserve during their visit.

The SatADSL hotspot solution can operate a billable WiFi hotspot, using Mobile Money. SatADSL has already installed more than 2000 VSAT in over 40 countries.