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Fujifilm Europe: 18x zoom lens makes news

Fujinon’s new HA18x5.5 is a portable HD lens for 2/3-inch sensor bayonet mount cameras, covering the focal lengths from 5.5mm to 100mm. It uses high-precision large-diameter aspheric elements, designed with Fujifilm’s proprietary optical simulation technology, that are claimed to achieve sharpness at the centre as well as all corners for edge-to-edge image quality.

The lens has a minimum focus distance of 40cm, and its built-in 2x extender brings the focal length on the telephoto end to 200mm, allowing it to accommodate a broad range of needs. “With the combination of wide angle performance and telephoto reach this could be the ultimate news lens,” said Stefan Czich of Fujinon distributor Pyser-SGI.

The lens also has built-in servo drive units for zooming and focusing, while ergonomic design should reduce the physical load for hand-held shooting. It has a 16-bit encoder, which outputs focus and other lens data at high resolution, for easy integration into virtual studios or robotics applications. The compact design weighs 1.97kg with a total length of 240.5mm.