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DataMiner SRM launched

The DataMiner Service and Resource Management (SRM) solution suite is being launched at IBC by Skyline Communications. According to the company, this technology takes broadcast and media operations to an ‘entirely new level’ by providing sophisticated end-to-end orchestration and workflow automation.

Skyline claimed DataMiner SRM is effectively the only solution available that delivers on two ‘indispensable’ characteristics for this key component of a modern broadcast operation. First, DataMiner SRM runs transparently across any vendor and technology boundaries.

It offers end-to-end orchestration ‘from a single pane of glass’, across legacy SDI and IP-based infrastructure, supports live and file-based workflows, and interacts with hardware and software products, including on-premises and off-premises resources.

Secondly, the company explained that DataMiner SRM is natively designed for maximum agility and a dev-ops style of operation, with exclusive features that cater for continuous incremental evolutions in an ongoing operation.

This, claimed Skyline, enables operators to continuously increase operational excellence, to integrate new technology on the fly, and to evolve their service portfolio along with market demands.