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New programme launched to support independent creators impacted by strikes

Movella has launched Indie Starter and Indie Pro Bundles to bring studio-grade motion capture to independent creators, in a show of support for those impacted by entertainment strikes

Movella, a provider of sensors, software, and analytics that “enable the digitisation of movement”, has announced a new programme to support independent creators and small studios in the animation, VFX, and game development fields. The company is offering two new bundles – the Indie Starter Bundle and Indie Pro Bundle – which include six months of free access to Movella’s studio-grade Animate Pro software.

The company said that it has launched the initiative at a time when “frustration with worker pay is at an all-time high, resulting in a $6B blow to the economy. The ripple effect goes beyond actors and writers, impacting animators, VFX artists, and video game developers, many of whom are going independent to avoid large, layoff-ridden companies. This major shift “could change entertainment and further blur the lines between traditional and digital fame” at a time when the creator economy market is expected to double in size to half a trillion dollars over the next five years.”

Dale Pistilli, Movella’s vice president of marketing, explained, “Today’s entertainment landscape is rapidly evolving with the independent creator economy gaining prominence as studios increasingly turn to independent creators including influencers to fill content gaps. The Indie Program is designed to empower people who want to become independent, proving that they don’t need massive budgets to afford high-quality tools. We’re honoured to empower this vital community that helps drive the economy forward and creates the entertainment that sparks joy in so many of us.”

More information about the Indie Starter and Indie Pro bundles can be found here.