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Cy-RCP adds value to Le Mans coverage

New company CyanView is talking to visitors about its experience at the 24 Hours of Le Mans (24H) in June.

For the first time, a production version of the CyanView Cy-RCP universal remote control panel, designed to enable the control of multiple cameras, was deployed. The Cy-RCP is part of the company’s Cy-Stem range that is being launched at IBC. It comprises a series of small hardware modules that address three key areas – control, image quality and content transport – for outside and live broadcasting, such as sporting events and TV game shows.

IP based, it is suitable for remote production and features physical buttons, rather than a web interface.

At the 24H, the Cy-RCP was used to control the AMP Visual TV cameras mounted onboard 17 cars.

David Bourgeois, founder and CEO of CyanView, said: “In a race taking place day and night, non-stop, you need to have full control of the onboard cameras, and one single operator has to follow all 17 cars. That meant we needed to overcome two important challenges.

The first was to integrate with VSM, which made rapid adjustment of each individual camera very fast, and with no need to look at the RCP. The second was to integrate with AMP Visual TV’s HF system, as well as with each camera’s unique protocol.

“IBC is a great place to discuss with visitors the new opportunities that the Cy-Stem range brings, [and which] enable real innovation in OB coverage,” added Bourgeois. “For me, the 24H was especially gratifying because it demonstrated that the concepts and prototypes we have been working on, and that we are announcing here at IBC, [will] deliver outstanding results in the real world. It was, according to the operators I spoke to, life changing, making their jobs substantially easier.”