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Autogyro takes off for aerial filming

BeyondHD is the first company in the UK to offer a fully certified gyrocopter for aerial filming, which CEO Keith Harding believes is ideal for filming a wide range of productions, including touring sports, at lower costs than helicopters.

The aircraft, which doesn’t have a powered rotor, can go much more slowly than a fixed wing aircraft (25 knots/46kph), and if you go below that you just start to descend, slowly.

“The benefit of that is it makes it very safe at low speeds,” he said. It can also track at more than 190kph, making it useful for car racing.
Harding has partnered with Dynamic Perspective, “because we needed a very high-quality five-axis gimbal that was light enough to go on this very small aircraft”.

The DynaX5 gimbal can take a wide range of cameras, including Arri or Red with cine lenses, or broadcast cameras such as Sony’s P1 with a zoom lens for live use. It is being used with a retractable mount that can be lowered once in the air to give the camera an unrestricted 360-degree view under the aircraft.

BeyondHD also operates drones, but they have battery limits and are “heavily regulated and limited on distance from the operator”, he said. The Autogyro is ideal “where the budget doesn’t fit a full-size helicopter and where a drone can’t be used because of regulations”.

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